The Window Dude Story

At 45 years old, I’ve had quite a few entries on my resume. From selling water in the parking lot at Grateful Dead concerts, to managing an Internet Service Provider, computer teacher, to stock broker. Looking back, they all had one thing in common, my love of people. I was never satisfied to sit in an office cubicle and work for someone else. I love to get out and see what is happening in the world and interact with the folks. 

With four children, whatever I do has to put food on the table. So, for ten years, I worked as a financial advisor and taught people to spend less than they earn. I built up quite a portfolio and had some great clients. “Had” is the operative word, as with everything that was happening in the economy, most of my big clients had to pull out their savings to save their home. And, with the drop in investments, my paycheck followed. Funny thing is, my children still wanted to eat. :)

So, not one to sit around and wait for someone else to fix the economy, I hung up my suit, bought some good walking shoes, and a squeegee and started knocking on doors. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the same thing that I loved about working with families and their investments was also to be found working with families cleaning their windows. I love to hear about how people are making their way in the world and I get to live vicariously, if only for a minute, through the fascinating families I have met so far. 

And, the same attention to detail that I put into all my work is put into the detail of doing something seemingly as simple as washing a window. Anyone can simply wipe the outside of the glass down. But, unless you take out the screen, scrub it, get the dirt out of all the tracks, wash the outside AND the inside of the window and wipe down the sill, you really haven’t gotten the full experience.

It’s ironic that my wife wonders how I can pay so much attention to detail on a window when I can’t seem to get my own socks into the hamper at the end of the day. :) I guess it is a case of selective OCD. I am just thankful to be blessed with a company that gives me the ability to put in an honest day’s work, get my exercise in, and work on my farmer’s tan, leaving a trail of satisfied clients in my wake. 

And, more importantly, I am growing my company, offering the same opportunities to my crew, giving them the chance to get into the job market and take care of their families. I have some great guys who work for me. So, by supporting The Window Dude, you are actually helping America get back to work. I like to say, we are rebuilding the economy... one window at a time. :)

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